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AIMS Amplifiers

Postby TubeDude on Tue Feb 04, 2003 12:08 am

I recently acquired an AIMS VTG-105 amplifier. I tried many resources to find some info on the amp or the company itself. I didn't have any luck. All I know is that the amp was manufactured by AIMS Amplifiers Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona. The amp is rated at 105 W RMS (2x6550), it has 4 10" speakers.

Does anyone know anything about this amp ?
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Re: AIMS Amplifiers

Postby chrism on Wed Feb 05, 2003 4:49 am

I have one also, it has EL-34s in it. No more information to give, but it sure sounds good!
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Re: AIMS Amplifiers

Postby Tonekat on Wed Sep 03, 2003 2:29 pm

I just ran across my old AIMS (American Int'l Music Sales) amp brochure last night and thought I'd do a search to see if there were any discussions about them. What is really interesting is that according to the brochure, each of the 2 guitar amps they made (the VTG105 @ 105 watts rms & the VTG120 with 120 watts rms) used (2)6550s, four 7025s, and two 12AT7s with solid-state rectifiers. The pic of the rectifier board looks like it's ptp. Their P.A. systems were even tube-powered!
They look pretty heavy-duty, you guys like yours?
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Re: AIMS Amplifiers

Postby Tube Tramp on Wed Sep 03, 2003 3:51 pm

heard a bass amp mint cond with two odd looking cabs sounded on the money and very el 34 ish,should a bought it ,odd but cool then again odd usally
Tube Tramp
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Re: AIMS Amplifiers

Postby t0aj15 on Wed Sep 03, 2003 4:13 pm

I just read a review on HC that says the Aims amp were manufactured and distributed by Randall.
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Re: AIMS Amplifiers

Postby chill on Tue May 11, 2004 1:27 am

Just found an AIMS Dual Twelve for $70...with some kind of oscillation or motorboating problem on the low end. Looks like your basic Fenderish preamp, 2 channels with reverb and trem.

What kind of reverb pans are in your amps? Accutronics model #? This one looks like the cover has been ripped off the tank, and the pan is spring mounted on some screws...seems like this may be the source of the oscillation.

Seems like it makes a good clean sound. Can't wait to run the muff through it at loud volumes...
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Re: AIMS Amplifiers

Postby pckpat on Tue May 11, 2004 3:04 pm

my tech had one under his bench last week-says the plate voltages are very high!
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Re: AIMS Amplifiers

Postby chill on Tue May 11, 2004 3:12 pm

If they're really 120W RMS out with a pair of 6550's, they're probably running over 550V, as that's the short data listing for 100W in standard and UL. I suspect it's UL because it looks like there's no choke.

Looks like alnico speakers too.
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Re: AIMS Amplifiers

Postby chill on Wed May 12, 2004 4:46 am

My bad: there is a choke, it was just hard to see until the chassis was out of the box. :o It's + lead was mechanically broken loose from the board which was likely the source of the rumbling/ oscillation. The caps were all 40u/450V. 4 in series/parallel for the plate node, then a choke, then 2 in series for the screen, then another for the preamp/PI/vibe.

Trem isn't working. Any idea what the problem is? My first guess would be the caps, which are mostly tropical fish caps. Is there a color code for them like there is for resistors?
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