Own two pianos, don't know squat about midi

Own two pianos, don't know squat about midi

Postby Unit_1 on Sun Jun 15, 2014 7:48 pm

I like to fool around with my pianos (both a present from my sister who after buying a Wurlitzer and a Steinway decided she didn't want them) and I decided to buy a cheap midi keyboard as a selfie Christmas present last year

ableton live 8 came with it, and I installed that on the Sony vaio laptop

and I got 1/8th second latency and it's FRUSTRATING ! :dumass:

I can screw around and make cool sounds but it's impossible to play live due to the time between hitting a key and hearing it come out of the speaker

WHAT computer/software/other thing can I do so I can hit a note and hear it at the same time?
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Re: Own two pianos, don't know squat about midi

Postby kaminari13 on Mon Jul 21, 2014 1:30 pm

i think you may possibly be in the wrong place for a helpfull reply ,(there must be a no latency monitor/cue mix set up somewhere with that program)maybe more help if you hit up an ableton users forum.
meanwhile i will be horendously sarcastic ..
it is quite a coincidence, same thing happened to me when my brother gave me his rolls royce and his mazeratti after he decided he didnt want them,
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