Getting Luthurie Schooling and Beginner Shop Set

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Getting Luthurie Schooling and Beginner Shop Set

Postby ZombyGuitarist on Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:45 am

Hi there,
I do very beginner guitar repair (i.e. wiring, pickup install, and basic setups). I've learned a lot on YouTube from Breja Toneworks and WillsEasyGuitar, but i am wanting to "broaden my horizons". I've taken shop classes back in high school, and remember a good chunk of it. So i have a couple questions for the awesome community here. Now obviously i wanna spend my money in the right places, so that's why i am coming to you guys.

1) What is your opinion on Stew Macs Guitar Shop Starter Kit and other Stew Mac tools? ( ... r_Set.html)

2) What Luthurie Schools are recommended in the Kentucky/Tennessee area? (Only lived down here for 4 years and i don't get out much.) I've thought about going to a workshop at the Guitar Servces Workshop in Nashville? (

Any feedback is greatly appreciated guys! Thanks!
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Re: Getting Luthurie Schooling and Beginner Shop Set

Postby Unit_1 on Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:25 am

Stumac sells high quality tools, and you save some bucks by getting this set. You could probably save money by buying on eBay, especially from china, but quality could be an issue. There are still going to be things you need, like hot hide glue pot for repairs to vintage guitars ... ot%20.html

Neck rest: ... _Rest.html

brad point drills (I love my set) ... _Sets.html

did you check the reviews? ... ml#reviews

most complaints are about the money, but $500 to work on a $3000 guitar seems reasonable....

You get what you pay for tho, guitar tools need to be seriously accurate....

Good Luck to you Sir!!! :cheers:
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Re: Getting Luthurie Schooling and Beginner Shop Set

Postby ZombyGuitarist on Tue Aug 23, 2016 3:54 am

Thanks bud!

I checked the reviews. I guess i wanted to be double sure haha. Thanks again man!!
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Re: Getting Luthurie Schooling and Beginner Shop Set

Postby Dr Tony Balls on Thu Aug 25, 2016 2:24 pm

That stewmac kit looks great and all of their tools are amazing but, at least in my home shop experience, some of that stuff is unnecessary and so you might be better buying a smaller kit and the rest a la carte. The set you linked is 4 bundles: fretting, nut-making, setups, and then Erick's book and a caliper....

- The fretting kit is the one that i think is the most complete/necessary. The only thing out of that one that i dont use because i think there are better tools are the dressing stick and end dressing file. Plus this kit by itself comes with Erick's book.

- In the nut making kit the slotting files and feeler gauges are essential. Most people already have a vise, or you can often slot a nut on the guitar. The files for shaping the nut are old school but obsolete if you have a bench top belt sander. And the string spacing rule is nice to have, but you can get by without and if youre crafty like me you can just make one digitally and print it out on paper for use. Also those are nice long feeler gauges but I got mine at Autozone for a fraction of the price.

- In the setup kit the radius gauges are nice, and so is the straightedge though you can get by with a metal ruler for that job in a pinch. The action gauge is cool, but you can accomplish the same end game with feeler gauges which you need for nutmaking and a set of calipers.

- The book/caliper combo is weird because you get the book as part of the standalone fretting kit so its not needed. And calipers are a must but you might already have them, or can get them elsewhere.

My advice is take the class first! You'll learn on one kind of tool and can inform your decision about what you need, what kind of tools you like, etc.
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