Magnatone reissue reverb issues

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Magnatone reissue reverb issues

Postby buzzman on Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:07 pm

Hopefully this is in the right sub-forum.
I recently picked up one of the new Magnatone Twilighters (second hand) and have been having some issues with the reverb. When I got the amp the reverb was very weak and had a serious hum. Eventually, it stopped working all together. It was repaired by a local tech who replaced the reverb tube and tank. When I got it home it worked for a while, but when I moved it to another room with a non-grounded outlet (with cheater plug), the reverb stopped working, and I'm assuming, blew another tube and tank. Now, I have two other amps that operate fine with cheater plugs (Ampeg RI w/ reverb, and 59 Bassman RI). Is there something particular that anyone can think of that prevents operation with a cheater plug? And why would it fry the reverb but leave the rest of the amp unscathed. Would a power conditioner rectify this? Appreciate your help in any way. Thanks!
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