NAD: The Excelsior !

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NAD: The Excelsior !

Postby rocco on Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:42 pm

i was going to hold off for another two weeks, but got out of work early and went to GC, plugged in a mim Blonde Tele nice sweet tone, the tremolo is very cool, turned it up clean just before break up, and it's nice... full, i think a tone pot in place of a bright/dark switch would be an improvement.
plugged in a sunburst special with p90's in it, and knew i'd take it home...
It sounds better in a room with less furnishings to dampen the sound, ( like the room i keep my gear in, but still sounds cool)
Slightly different tones from the 3 input jacks in combination with the bright / dark.
Cranked up it's not blow your ear drums out loud, and sounds a bit better after running the amp for a good amount of time.
didn't put any pedals through it, maybe tomorrow... any way i'm digging it alot. tried my Junior, MM, and Squire CV Tele, the Tele didn't really sound that hot thru the amp( though it's sounding much better), but the Jr. and MM seemed to warm up to it well.
over all, a fun low powered amp,if you been checking them out or thinking about it, go try one out... you may like it.
if you play a halfway Decent Telecaster with this amp, you will pretty much want to bring it home.
You're gonna need a bigger boat.
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Re: NAD: The Excelsior !

Postby Michiel on Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:18 pm

Congrats and happy (belated) NAD Rocco! :D

The excelsior is a very interesting amp at that price point.
I am modding Paul Pigat's euro-gig amp at the moment (excelsior!) and found a couple of interesting mods.
The most dramatic ones are inserting a 12ay7 in V1 and Tung Sol reissue 6v6gts as output tubes.
Your tone-pot idea is a good one and if you change a couple of the resistor and cap values as well, it'll get you a very nice usable range of tones.

I'm doing a mod-thread on the Gretschpages with a couple of guys there. Here is the thread if you're interested (it's a bit of a read, sorry).

I'm keeping track of the modding process also on my facebook page:
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Re: NAD: The Excelsior !

Postby madjackhatter on Sat Aug 04, 2012 2:11 am

I plugged a Tele into one locally and thought it had a very cool vibe, but aside from that - they look VERY cool. Almost like our wives would try to match it to the furniture :mrgreen: I might pull the trigger on one too...
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Re: NAD: The Excelsior !

Postby welshman on Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:31 pm

I have had mine almost a year done plenty of gigs with it. Sounds great, my band does not play too loud, so it's ideal for me, yet I have gigged it with louder bands, and its still kept up ok.
Was thinking of modding it, and recovering it in tweed. 8)
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