Farther of Loud

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Farther of Loud

Postby G3SDW on Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:51 pm

Hi guys, wonder if any of you have any info on this set up.


They have approached me asking if they can interview me for the making of new documentary that they are making.

The guys name is Peter Visscher and he is living in the Netherlands.

Any help would be most appreciated

Kind Regards

Ken Underwood
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Re: Farther of Loud

Postby tommie on Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:03 am

Hi Ken,

There was a very brief chat about it on the Marshall amps forum but I don't recall anything since.

http://www.marshallforum.com/threads/fa ... ary.94780/

The teaser video they posted is now set to private but when I watched it it looked very similar in format to the BBC documentary that was done a couple of years back.
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Re: Farther of Loud

Postby G3SDW on Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:35 pm

Thanks Tommie, this is were to made the initial contact to me.

I have sent an email to this guy asking some questions, this is his reply..

Hi mister Underwood,

We've started this project three years ago.
We (Lennart Reijnders and Peter Visscher) have an avid love for music.
Mostly Rock n Roll and Blues.
Both of us are working in the documentary business and we were looking for
a good project.

We would often discuss our favorite artist and started looking for
connections between them.
On of the things all our favorite artists had in common was that they
played/play through Marshall amps.
We started doing research, at the time there were only books about the
We decided that this would be a perfect subject for a documentary.

We started making the documentary when after half a year BBC came with a
Marshall doc called: Play it Loud.
We watched Play it Loud and decided that the story focusses too heavy on
the history of Jim Marshall.
The story we want tell is seen from the artist and makers point of view.

We made contact with the Marshall company.
We were invited to visit the company and talk about the documentary.
We talked to managing director Jonathan Ellery.
He loved the idea for the documentary and gave his full support.
Marshall however isn’t supporting the documentary financially.
We wanted to stay completely independent.

We tried to reach out to Ken Bran but we couldn't get hold of him or his
Also i read on the Marshall forums that his health isn’t what is used to be.

You were there when the Marshall amp was born.
It would be incredibly valuable to us if we could speak to you to paint us
an images of how that went. Also maybe you still have some pictures or
other archive material from that period.

I hope this answers your questions.
If you have more questions i’m happy to answer them.

Have great day,
Not sure if i am happy with all of this as i am sure Marshall would not want me to tell my story as it will make all the history books look a bit stupid even to show that they even got the year wrong of its birth.

I would not want to give all the details for it only to be edited out in the favor of what the history books have so far written


Ken Underwood
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Re: Farther of Loud

Postby gusfinley on Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:01 am

Ever thought of writing your own book?

These days, it doesn't have to be very long or fancy. It must be super easy to publish on Amazon, because it seems half of my family has done it!

I think it would be an asset to here your part of the story - especially about the birthdate and especially if you have tangible evidence to support it!

You might not make a dime off of it, but your legacy would be preserved.
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Re: Farther of Loud

Postby G3SDW on Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:20 am

That question has been asked of me on many occasions, check back and you will see my responses, oh by the way i do have proof.


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Re: Farther of Loud

Postby Clanger on Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:44 pm

Ken, I would go with it, with a few provisos of your own making.

Basically you can go with it and tell your story and it's up to the filmakers who have declared themselves independent to work out whether your story or the official line is the one they want to present, OR turn the opportunity down and then your story will remain with you.

Presumeably your story should stack up and the other sides won't, and the filmakers will see that,.
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Re: Farther of Loud

Postby Vortexion on Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:18 am

My 2 penn'orth:

Never trust film-makers.

Regardless of what they might be saying to you now (even though they might genuinely believe it themselves at the time they're saying it!), when it comes to the crunch they will tell whatever story they think will generate the most interest/coverage. This might well favour your version of events, or it might not - and unless you've got the funds to employ some fancy lawyers from the outset, and thus wield some editorial control over how the footage is used etc., you'll have no legal recourse should the film-makers decide to edit your testimony in such a way that skews what you said or makes you look like a bonkers old crank - and I'd say its a fair bet that Marshall Amplification plc can afford fancier lawyers than most private citizens.

...all of which is a huge shame, Ken, because I too think your evidence needs to be on the record.
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Re: Farther of Loud

Postby LD50 on Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:46 am

It would be fantastic to have a written and evidenced account of the early days if nothing more than to give Dudley Craven the recognition he deserves, something that is sadly lacking.

I agree that having your own editorial control would be the only way.

I may have a contact in musical publishing in London if you are interested.
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Re: Farther of Loud

Postby Dean Jr. on Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:26 pm

^^^^^^^^this..... It is the age of personal and/or small publishing with the widest access to the market ever envisioned.
Marshall fans and amp freaks in general will come if you write it; and accurate, documented first-hand insight is the most valuable statement in any history.
Dean Jr.
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Re: Farther of Loud

Postby G3SDW on Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:13 am

Thanks for all the opinions about all of this.

After hearing back from Barbara Craven i think that as she is about to publish on line on a web site made in Dudley's memory to show what he did to make Marshall what it is today, all of my info will be on there and along with all the things that she has got on the subject back then, this will leave egg on some faces.

Will keep the group updated when the time comes.

Thanks for all your support


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